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What we've done, but hardly all we can do. We're always up for a new challenge–or easy win.

Custom cherry crown molding


Built-ins, Cabinetry, Molding, and Mantels– things that are attached to a greater structure, typically.


Dovetailed walnut and oak drawer


Custom pieces and sets, modifications, and restorations–anything that's bigger than handheld, but not bolted to a wall, typically.


Turned maple mortar and pestle

Small Projects

Bowls, Kitchenware, Home Decor, Frames, and Artwork–pretty much anything and everything else that's not in one of the earlier categories.

Small Projects

We start with a deep dive into a clients wants and needs, designing the best project for their budget.

We strive to source our lumber locally and use it responsibly, choosing hardwoods to match color and style required, without pesky stains or cheap manufactured composite. 

We implement tried and true wood working joinery and techniques to guarantee the longevity and beauty of our work. 

Finally each piece is finished with one of our durable finishes to your desired sheen. Then buffed and waxed for touchable finish.

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