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Craftsman Kitchen

Completely custom, cherry cabinetry. Featuring shaker style doors and waterfall drawers. Custom cherry mill work for crown molding, trim, refrigerator end-cap and wainscoting. Pantry features deep pull-out drawers and two Glideware utility organizers.

Modern Walnut Kitchen

This kitchen went through an outside designer, so we worked with many upscale hardware devices and designs. The lazy susan was replaced with a swing out shelf. The pantry is two floor to ceiling pull out units. The trash cans and microwave were built in and we designed and built a custom vegetable drawer with a cut through design to allow air flow. We replaced the lower doors with drawers for more storage and incorporated inlayed handles for a seamless design. These stunning cabinets along with a gorgeous countertop are the focal point of the house. 

Designer Bathroom Vanities

These vainites incorporated some unique design features. We built in a counter top garage door unit, multiple pull out drawers, a faux panel to cover a heating unit and the best design feature was the split front drawer fronts. Every part of this design came out clean and thoughtful, the simple color choice was accented with the hardware and the diligent design choices. 

Built In Cabinets with Bench

We built this unit to maximize storage space and give a nice back drop for an in house office. Custom was required for this piece to incorporate the angled ceiling. The design called for a fairly standard cabinet/book shelf combination but then were able to get creative with the rest of the design. We made large drawers to fit under the bench, incorporated an arch to frame in the window and then turned the smaller bookshelf to open towards the bench to allow proper spacing in a tight space. This piece really ties the office together.