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We've Set Up at Pogue's Run Industrial Complex.

We love to show off our shop & anyone interested in our services will get a good idea of what we do by seeing our workshop. Were happy to spend time giving a tour and looking at examples, it will only help explain our design, techniques, and products. If you'd like to discuss an upcoming project in person drop us a note (or call) if you'd like to come by.

We run a full, custom woodshop; able to take a project from design & blueprinting, though lumber processing, project construction, finish and installation. We operate with a variety of tooling, both old and new, in order to produce or reproduce any woodwork. We like to pair our fully outfitted shop with skilled professional labor and constantly improving techniques.


A few folks that go above and beyond.

We're a crew from a few different backgrounds. From artistry, to sales, to marketing and advertising, our backgrounds seemed to overlap in pretty complementary ways. We all have an appreciation for form-follows-function design and strive to make things in ways that honor the world in which we live.

Garrett Henry


Garrett has always had an affinity for fine arts, specifically art history, drawing, and sculpture. Upon graduation, with a BFA in Sculpture from CU Boulder in 2012, he spent three years working in commercial arts while doing artistic, personal woodworking projects for friends and family. After a few years put into a home woodshop, continuing education on woodworking techniques, and experimenting with custom furniture design, he was ready to turn his passion full-time.


When he’s not pulling the evening shift at the shop, you might find him teaching a class at Rockler, sipping a craft brew (over trivia) with some friends, or walking the best girl (stray dog turned domestic) Larry, down Fall Creek.


Ty Ramsey


Coming from a family of woodworkers and countertop craftsman, Ty’s no stranger to a shop making quality furniture. With an Arts Management Degree from Indiana University and over 10 years working in custom commercial and residential projects, he knows how to keep the projects and shop running smoothly. 


Between projects in the shop and collaborating with clients, Ty loves spending time outdoors, staying active, and hanging with his two dogs, Gus and Sam… Bonus points if he can do it all at the same time. His passion for nature keeps our shop (and projects) Mother-Nature approved.

Brittany Mason


Brittany has a background in graphic design (and advertising) paired with a long seeded passion for interior design. After developing the branding and advertising materials (including this site) for the team, she decided to join in.

Brittany's a problem solver. She likes solving all kinds of puzzles: at the shop, on a project, or simply fitting pieces together. When she's not making home decor accessories (like candlesticks and trivets), she also enjoys going on walks (through life and Mother-Nature) with Gus, Sam, and her partner, Ty.

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