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We make quality, custom woodwork to last for generations to come.

We pride ourselves as custom furniture makers but no project is to big or small; from small gifts, to tables & chairs, up to full custom cabinetry and built ins 

Custom cherry crown molding


Built-ins, Cabinetry, Molding, and Mantels– things that are attached to a greater structure, typically.


Dovetailed walnut and oak drawer


Custom pieces and sets, modifications, and restorations–anything that's bigger than handheld, but not bolted to a wall, typically.


turned maple mortise and pestle

Small Projects

Bowls, Kitchenware, Home Decor, Frames, and Artwork–pretty much anything and everything else that's not in one of the earlier categories.

Small Projects


We love this stuff.

After a few years of seeing our work spend more time in a landfill than home, we opted to start a company that prioritized the product and process without cutting corners. From the materials we source, to the process and techniques used, our projects employ quality, sustainable solutions with each turn (and cut).

Our practices implement traditional woodworking techniques, applied to modern needs and materials.

We specialize in working with you to develop the best solution to your project possible. We begin every project with a discovery session where we discuss the project scope, wants, and needs. Each project is handcrafted with the best quality materials and techniques. 

digital design for custom desk

Interested in a commission?

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